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If are you looking for the best car battery shop in Dubai UAE then JKR is one of the best car battery suppliers in Dubai.

We know the battery is the most important part of the car so we are not compromised in the quality of the Batteries. Our company is working in this field for the last 7 years.

Our expert are 24/7 ready for the replacement of the battery If you want our services Contact Us

What is the Importance of Car Battery & Who Car Battery work?

Every car battery has a two-terminal one is negative (-) and the other is positive (+). The basic purpose of the car battery is to start the car engine and supply electrical power into the whole car’s electrical parts. So that’s why it’s a very vital role in cars.

Car batteries consist of six cells each cell produced 2.1 voltages of energy. All cells of the battery produce 12.6 voltage. A most interesting fact about car batteries is each cell contains 60 plates and electrolyte solution.

Note: Do you known car battery Electrolyte solution has 65% water and 35% Sulfuric acid.

Car Batteris Types

Lithium Battery dealers in Dubai

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries

Lead Acid Battery price

Lead-Acid Battrery

Lighting, starting, and ignition Battery

Types of batteries depend on various car models, Most of the peoples in Dubai UAE drive luxury cars. so our battery shop is one the best car battery shop in Dubai. Approach Us

Many people visit Sharjah for buying or replacing batteries. But now no need to went Sharjah because we have all types of car models and heavy vehicle batteries in Ras al Khor Dubai UAE.

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How to Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter?

If your car engine takes a time to start or the car interior lights headlight dim then you need to test your car battery voltage is good or not.

But how to check battery voltage? so no need to worry, we provide a complete guide testing of a car battery with a multimeter in Dubai.

Note: you can also check on your car speed meter with a battery light indicator if the indicator light is off after starting the car engine its means the battery is in good condition.

First, turn on the car battery voltage checker meter then set your meter on 20 voltages after that connect the multimeter wire to battery,

So If voltages are 12 or more than twelve then it means the battery is in good condition if less than voltages then need to replace the battery.

Important: Better you must test it again with the start of a car engine.    

After all of that things if your problems are not solved then please visit our shop we provide complete car battery diagnostic solution in dubai

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Is brand in field of car batteries. In 2007 estabilsh our business in Ras al khor Dubai. We have 1000+ happy client in car battery and auto spare parts. Our goal is no compromise on quality of the product and provide best car battery.  We execute 4-point battery analysis to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness while extending the car batteries’ life.  

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check-ups for car batteries, alternators, starters, electrical wiring and battery cabling.


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Varta battery in dubai

Total battery service providence, complete assurance, and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of our company philosophy. 

No matter whether it’s during a motorway toll, a parking lot toll, a garage toll, or a house toll, we guarantee speedy service and provide a one-year standard warranty for every battery we replace.

Also, we have all auto spare parts: cutting tools, hardware, welding accessories, electrical and pneumatic fittings in Ras al Khor Battery Shop in Dubai

We have all kinds of auto spare parts  with best quality.

Replacements you can trust. We only stock the best OEM battery brands. From Amaron,AC Delco, Banner to Varta. All our batteries are backed by manufacture warranties up to 24 months.

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